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MIZA Group is a leading international financial services company. We provide wealth management, asset management and active market trading services to individual, corporate and institutional investors. Through close cooperation and a solid understanding of your objectives, MIZA Group supplies financial insight and innovative solutions helping you invest and manage your wealth intelligently.
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We believe in building relationships with our clients. At MIZA Group, we strive to understand the individual needs and goals of our clients. This relationship-building enables us to provide secure advice and tailored financial solutions through a range of best-in-class investment products.
We have opened our Gastronomic Restaurant in San Vittore. Come to visit us in             Ristorante "la Brasera"

  25.10 - 2.11.2008
Wine tasting with Cornulus and MIZA Group at the Zugermesse in Zug:    Halle 10.118


Tax System in your country is business friendly?
Yes, i am happy
No, i am looking for alternative solution
I realy dont know
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